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Since 2016, the Thai Composites Association has initiated and co-organized with JEC Group an annual International Composites Conference in Thailand. This year it is our 3rd conference which focuses on Composites application in Architecture and Construction.

Composite is an advanced material which is developing fast alongside traditional materials like Metals, Concrete, Wood and Plastics. Composite materials offer several unique characteristics including light weight, freedom of form, weather and corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, durability and many more.


Composites are widely used in several other key markets including aerospace, wind energy, automotive, transportation, marine, sports and leisure. The topic of focus each year of this international composites conference is therefore rotating along these market segments. From Rail and Transportation in 2016, Automotive in 2017 to Architecture and Construction this year. Please let us know your preference for next years’ focus.


We have seen a good development within the composites industry in Thailand in recent years including increased investment and growth of member companies and more connection and cooperation between industry – governmental – academic sectors. These developments are reflected in this annual conference with great participation in the table top exhibition. Composites Asia serves as an excellent platform for networking. It is a good opportunity for the executives of composite companies in Thailand and the region to meet and connect with each other.

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